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I see that you are now using a stall tactic to try and get the temporary title Since you opted not to respond to my follow up email 7/13/2015.

That does not change the fact that contacted you on the day of purchase 7/03/2015 and you failed to provide services that you promised after the car shut off and stalled out 13 miles from your location. You were so apologetic and willing to fix the car all I had to do was get it to the mechanic your company used GTO. I upheld my end of that.... I delivered the car as per your request then sent you a follow up email that you responded and said you have been down to the shop and spoke with the mechanic and the repairs were being made,only to 4 days later send me one of your favorite "it is what it is" text stating that the company was not comfortable fixing the car but you could get me a good deep discount rate from the mechanic..... Which was not what you promised per verbal conversation or in initial response via E-mail!!!!!!

It does not change that you sold a vehicle on your lot that you advertised as a good work car, great gas saver, which would lead a purchaser such as myself to believe that it would be a good investment for a work vehicle,

it does not change the fact that this company Car Palace tells lies to complete a sale at the customer expense,

the stall tactic does not change your misrepresentation of your actual status in the company "managing partner" the stall only confirms this company "ROBS" the consumer that you know is in a disadvantaged situation be it bad credit or repo on credit and you use that to RIP them off!!!!

Again I would like the amount of purchase to be refunded to me as that is what you promised yesterday when you said I could come by and pick up a check. At this point I would prefer a "cashiers check" from the bank so there is no concern of the check not being cashable especially since this has been a game from the very start.

What you need to know as a manger is that you set the tone for your business! If you as a manager choose to lie and *** a client so will your workers.

If you choose not to have a conscious and show your workers its OK to steal and rob from the consumer you should be prepared because sooner or later your staff will steal and rob you why? Because that is the value your company taught/trained!

I would like to think that you have a heart and its right with God I am a single mother that was trying to be able to get to and from a job. Do you know what it like to work 12° a day to earn money then to have someone rob that from you in a car deal? It's not a good feeling!

I pray that God will have mercy on your souls and as business people you will do the right thing. If not just remember..... The art of the *** is easy but when you stand before the Lord on judgement day he has a full record of all your wrongs heres a chance to set the record straight and show the Lord all that you do at Car Palace is not meant for EVIL this was a mistake that you want to rectify. God say to be right with him I must live and be able to forgive the wrongs of others here is the chance for this carlot to earn that forgiveness...... Or you can continue to shuffle people through the Car Palace ( circus )big top one act after another pretending to be the ringmaster (managing partner)..... When your nothing more than

the door greeter at the big tent!!!

I hope to hear from you today with a solution and a time I can come by and pick up a cashiers check!

Thanking you in advance for your understanding!


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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